There are a lot of virtual airlines out there, so what does woh|group virtual airlines make unique or special and why should you choose WOH?

First of all, we are already flying for a long time. Founded back in 2000, we have gained a lot of experience in the virtual airline and aviation business and we also have successfully faced some challenges. As we are focusing on a sustainable and long-term future, we provide you a virtual pilot home which you can rely on.

We are also providing one of the biggest virtual airline communities, which has been grown throughout the last years. This community is characterized by their open-minded approach. We are treating each other equally, no matter if you are a professional pilot or if you are a newbie. It also does not matter, if you would like to fly as real as it gets or if you just would like to make a short flight after a hard working day. Most important is, that we are all sharing the same passion.

To comply with your needs, we are offering different career options: If you just would like to fly, then you will choose the First Officer career, where you can earn virtual|miles which you can use for getting further typeratings. If you would like to challenge yourself and you would like to take exams for further typeratings, then you can choose the Captains career.

Our extenisve network of destinations, routes and aircrafts offers you countless opportunities to fly on your favorite region, to your favorite destination and in your favorite aircraft. As we are offering that aircrafts and routes by different virtual airlines under the woh|group roof, we are also considering economic needs.

With our state-of-the-art website and our ACARS system "smartCARS", we are ensuring seamless flying. There are only a few clicks from booking a flight to reporting it. You can report flights via smartCARS or by manually filing a pirep.

You are also invited to participate in our interactive forum or in events, such as group flights on the online networks, real meetings on airports or weekend workshops.

And if you would like to have a view behind the scenes of a virtual airline, we are also always looking for staff members which support us.