Total Flights: 89
Total Pax Carried: 19733
Total Cargo Carried: 207000 Kg
Total Flights Today: 0
Total Destinations: 71

About Australian Sun

Australian Sun has been founded in 2021 in Sydney and is our first airline in the southern hemisphere. Goal is to provide expanded access to the Australian market and the Pacific region. Beside Sydney, there are also bases in Melbourne and Perth. Australian Sun is serving destinations in Africa, Asia, Europa, Norh- and South America as well as a lot of Pacific islands. It is completed by an extensive network of Australian and New Zealand airports. Australian Sun is operating an Airbus (A320/A321/A330) and Boeing (B717 & B747) fleet.


ICAO Equipment Max Pax Max Cargo Number in Fleet
A320 Airbus A320-200 Sharklets 162 1000 5
A321 Airbus A321-200 Sharklets 194 1500 3
A332 Airbus A330-200 250 9000 11
A333 Airbus A330-300 276 10000 8
B717 Boeing B717-200 110 500 4
B744 Boeing B747-400 365 13000 11