The WOH Experience



...there is a virtual airline group which operates virtual airlines all around the globe and whose home is the world. A virtual airline group which is run by passionate aviation professionals who are inspired by the power of human imagination. We constantly try to raise the bar higher by simultaneously being down to earth. Our vision is to provide virtual pilots an unparalleled route network which is operated by various aircraft types combined with a grown and open-minded community. Thereby we are balancing between the focus on realism and economic decisions on the one side and fun on the other side in every action we take.

It's all about your choice!

So what does make woh|group virtual airlines unique and special? To say it short: The choice! You are a virtual pilot who likes flying just to relax after a hard working day? Or do you prefer to simulate your flights as real as it gets? We provide a solution for both types of virtual pilots! By choosing our "First Officer career" mode, you are earning virtual|miles for every flight. These virtual|miles can then be used to acquire typeratings on further aircraft types. In our "Captain career" you can challenge yourself by taking exams for every new typerating licence. So you see, it's up to you!

You have a preference about your homebase or your favorite routes? Our route network offers more than 400 airports and more than 30 homebases all around the world. It's your choice! You also like to fly a special aircraft type? As we are operating different virtual airlines, we are able to offer various aircraft types. Just choose your favorite one!

Interested in discussing with us in our Forum? Or would you like to join us on our virtual events, for example one of our groupflights on our preferred online network, VATSIM? That's also your choice. By the way, you can fly for WOH on VATSIM, IVAO or offline, just as you like!

We also support all main Flight Simulator platforms: FSX, Prepar3d, XPlane and MSFS2020. It's your choice, again!

You can also meet your virtual colleagues in reality on regular airport meetings or weekend workshops. You'll guess it: We are looking forward to meet you there, but we do not expect it!

So you see it, it's all about your choice!


Then just join us - it's for free!