Annual Meeting 2023

Posted by Florian Brunner on 2023/02/02

Annual Meeting 2023

Dear pilots!

On Saturday, March 25th, our Annual Meeting 2023 takes place. This time, we will provide a hybrid version so that as many pilots as possible can participate.

For everybody who would already join on Friday, March 24th, our CEO invites you to his house (in the Frankfurt area)  from Friday evening 5 pm (CET) on. This is a great opportunity to work together with the team on different flywoh items and topics. There is enough space to stay overnight.

On Saturday, we will meet at the airport at 1 pm (CET) for some plane spotting. Later will will have some dinner at a restaurant nearby the airport.

On Saturday evening at 9 pm CET (8 pm UTC) we will hold the official part of the Annual Meeting virtually, so that also pilots who could not join us in person can participate. During the Annual Meeting we will discuss important strategic decisions for this year and look forward to your input. A link for the virtual annual meeting will be provided a couple of hours before we start.

The Annual Meeting weekend will end at 2 pm (CET) on Sunday (for everybody who would like to stay the weekend at our CEO`s house. Of course you can also join for only a day or half a day.

We are looking forward to a lot of participants and another funny and productive weekend!

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flywoh contest 2023

Posted by Florian Brunner on 2022/12/26

Dear pilots!

As the year 2023 is approaching fast, we are delighted to announce our "flywoh contest 2023".

The contest is pretty easy: The five pilots who will perform most flighthours for flywoh within 2023 are winning.

Prizes will be:

1) 50 EUR flight simulation voucher

2) 30 EUR flight simulation voucher

3) 30 USD voucher from Flightbeam

4) 20 EUR flight simulation voucher

5) Aerosoft Aircraft Searey Elite

Rules: All flighthours for flywoh flights which have been submitted via smartCARS or manually are counting. Contest referees can order to only use smartCARS for further pireps to specific pilots if there are any discrepancies by submitting pireps manually. This is on sole discretion of the referees! The contest referees are Pino (President) and Florian B. (CEO), they are not participating to the contest.

We will provide a table of top 10 pilots for 2023 so that you can see if you are in reach of the top 5.

Thank you to Aerosoft and Flightbeam for sponsoring our contest!

At this point we wish you a happy new year 2023 and much success in our flywoh contest!

A310 Re-Entry into operations

Posted by Florian Brunner on 2022/12/13

To bridge time until Arabian Sun receives Airbus A321XLR (entry into service is expected for 2024), Arabian Sun will re-activate some of its A310-300. These have been in service for Arabian Sun from 2009 until 2016. Since 2016 the A310 have been in longterm storage and will now be reactived. Due to the short period of service, these A310 will wear a limited paintscheme. This paintscheme consists of the Arabian Sun titles and the Arabian Sun tail.

You can download the textures for the iniBuilds A310 for MSFS from our download area. Have fun flying the A310!

Virtual Col Embraer 190

Posted by Florian Brunner on 2022/12/10


Dear pilots!

Skyways textures for the MSFS VirtualCol Embraer 190 are now available in our download area.

Have fun flying the Skyways Embraer 190 accross Europe!

Year end flight 2022

Posted by Florian Brunner on 2022/12/04

Year end flight 2022

Dear pilots!

On December 16th we invite you to our year end flight 2022 on VATSIM. As on this weekend, the Soccer World Cup final takes place, we are flying to Doha, OTHH.

Arrival time in Doha is 2300z.

We will also be online on Discord to have a chat with you. we are looking forward to meet you there!

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MSFS PMDG B737-800

Posted by Florian Brunner on 2022/09/21

We are delighted to announce, that our MSFS PMDG B737-800 textures are now available for download. The package contains textures for American Sun (with split scimitar winglets), Austrian Sky (with blended winglets), charterair (with blended and split scimitar winglets) and charterair UK (with scimitar winglets). Have fun with flying the PMDG B737-800 in MSFS for flywoh!

Be part of NEXT LEVEL flywoh!

Posted by Florian Brunner on 2022/08/24


flywoh is serving the skies for more than two decades. A lot has changed since the early 2000s and so have we.
Now we are at another turning point and we would like to take the flywoh to the NEXT LEVEL.

We have understood that in times of Discord, agile project management and a strong focus on diversity, our ways of working and developing flywoh also has to change.

Our goal is to be an extraordinary aviation community for flight simulation enthusiasts. To follow this goal we need you!
We are sure that to matter what skills and strenghts you have, you can help flywoh to reach the NEXT LEVEL. The only requirement is that you are willing to spend 2-3 hours per week on flywoh. And we promise it will be worth it!

Just send us an email to or join our Discord server and tell us a little bit about you and we will get in touch with you soon.

American Sun schedule complete

Posted by Florian Brunner on 2022/08/24


We are delighted to announce, that we have now completed our American Sun schedule. The last missing flights, some CRJ regional aircrafts rotations have been added and you have now the full choice of flights from our American Sun hubs in Chicago ORD, Los Angeles, Miami, New York JFK and San Francisco as well as our leisure hubs Myrtle Beach and Las Vegas. Have fun with flying for American Sun!

A330neo update

Posted by Florian Brunner on 2022/08/17

We have updated our textures for the Headwind A330neo for MSFS and you can download them from our download base. The package contains textures for Skyways, Swiss Sky, charterair and charterair UK. While the charterair A330-900neo is already in operation from our hub in Frankfurt, Germany, the Swiss Sky A330neos will start operation from autumn 2022 on. Skyways A330neos will follow in the beginning of 2023. Have fun with flying the A330neos!

Fenix A320 available!

Posted by Florian Brunner on 2022/08/03

Dear pilots!

You can now download our latest Fenix A320 textures from our download base. The Fenix A320 package contains liveries for our group airlines Skyways, Swiss Sky and Australian Sun.

Have fun with flying the Fenix A320 in MSFS for flywoh!

Summercamp 2022

Posted by Florian Brunner on 2022/06/05

Summercamp 2022


From Friday, August 12th until Sunday, August 14th, our 20th flywoh summercamp takes place.

Like in the past years, our President, Pino, invites us to his house to spend a weekend filled with virtual flying, having fun and a lot of memories in the heart of Germany (near Kassel, EDVK). We would like to invite you to join us on another memorable weekend!

We also use the summercamps to "work" on our projects and to further develop flywoh. We take-off on Friday evening (local time) and touch-down in the early afternoon on Sunday. Of course, you can also join us for only one or half a day. Sleeping facilities are available (we recommend a sleeping bag).
Further information will be found in our Forum. So save the date and we are looking forward to see you in Kassel in August! 

For further planning please join this event if you would like to spend the summercamp with us.

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MSFS PMDG B737-700 available

Posted by Florian Brunner on 2022/06/01

We have just released American Sun textures for the PMDG Boeing B737-700 (Winglets) for MSFS. You can download the ptp file in our download area and install it via the PMDG Operations Center.

To celebrate the release of the long awaited PMDG B737, we have also reactivated our twice a week Pacific Islands route, which touches the most beautiful islands in the Pacific on its route from Honolulu, US towards Tokyo, Japan.

The detailed route is: Honolulu -> Majuro -> Kwajalein -> Kosrae -> Pohnpei -> Chuuk -> Guam -> Tokyo Narita

Have fun with flying the PMDG 737 on this special route!

Pilot Awards

Posted by Leslie Jarrett on 2022/05/21

We at the flywoh really appreciate the commitment and dedication that our pilots have shown to the airline over the years and as a token of goodwill and thanks to all of you we have integrated a series of merit awards for your number of flights and your membership years with us.

Don't worry if your first flight was over 5 years ago or you have forgotten that you have been flying with us for over 6 years, all has been taken care of and you will get all the outstanding awards to bring you up to date.

These awards are are on-going so if you finish that 100th flight next week, you will be getting the award.

All your awards can be seen on your pilot profile your user profile. Once again, thanks for all your longstanding loyality and commitment towards flywoh!

MD82 back in service

Posted by Florian Brunner on 2022/05/12


With the release of Leonardos "Fly the Maddog X" for MSFS, the Annual General Meeting has decided to put back eight of our longterm stored McDonnell Douglas MD82 into service for American Sun.

These eight MD82s will be based in our new leisure focus cities, Myrtle Beach, SC on the East Coast and in Las Vegas, NV on the West Coast . The aircraft is ready for download in our download area and the schedules for Myrtle Beach (KMYR) is also already bookable - with Las Vegas following soon.

Have fun with flying the "Maddog"!

Website Upgrade

Posted by Florian Brunner on 2022/04/07

With please we would like to announce an upgrade of our website. We have now added a Departure TV board (just check -> Operations -> Departure TV), where you can see current departures and arrivals from/to any airport of our network. This is quite interesting for everybody who would like to book a flight which is departing within the next hours and without long search in our flightbooking system. Furthermore our registration page has been enhanced. You can now only select typeratings for aircrafts, which are serving the hub,which you have chosen.

We would like to thank Leslie for his dedication and work to further improve our flywoh experience!