MSFS textures for CS B777

Posted by Florian Brunner on 07/25/2021

virtual airline

From today on you can download aircraft textures for the MSFS CaptainSim B777. The package is available in our download area and contains Austrian Sky B777-200ER, American Sun B777-300ER, Arabian Sun B777-300ER, Skyways B777-300ER and Skyways Cargo B777 Freighter.

Have fun with flying the B777 in MSFS!

Summercamp 2021

Posted by Florian Brunner on 07/25/2021

Summercamp 2021

From Friday, August 27th until Sunday, August 29th, our 19th flywoh summercamp takes place.

Like in the past years, our President, Pino, invites us to his house to spend a weekend filled with virtual flying, having fun and a lot of memories in the heart of Germany (near Kassel, EDVK). We would like to invite you to join us on another memorable weekend!

We also use the summercamps to "work" on our projects and to further develop flywoh. We take-off on Friday evening (local time) and touch-down in the early afternoon on Sunday. Of course, you can also join us for only one or half a day. Sleeping facilities are available (we recommend a sleeping bag).
Further information will follow in our Forum. So save the date and we are looking forward to see you in Kassel in August! 

For further planning please join this event if you would like to spend the summercamp with us.

Sign Up Now:https://flywoh.com/index.php/ccevents/event/39

Fly & Talk!

Posted by Florian Brunner on 07/25/2021

Virtual Airline flywoh

Dear pilots!

On every 18th of the month at 1800z we are meeting on our Discord server to fly and talk together. To join our Discord server, just click on the picture in this news. We are looking forward to meet you there and have fun! 

Australian Sun B747 takes off

Posted by Florian Brunner on 07/02/2021

Australian Sun is now also operating eleven B747-400. 10 have been transferred from Skyways, where the B747-400 has been replaced by A350-900 and B747-8i. Another one has been acquired from an Asian airline. The B747s are based in Sydney and Melbourne and will be operated on international routes to Europe (Frankfurt & London via Singapore), to Santiago de Chile, Johannesburg, the US (Honolulu, Los Angeles, New York JFK and San Francisco), Asia and selected domestic routes.

You will find textures for the PMDG B747 in our download base. Have fun with flying the "Queen of the Skies" out of Australia!

flywoh going Australia

Posted by Florian Brunner on 05/09/2021



Today marks another important day of flywoh. One year ago, we have decided to enter the Australian market with a new virtual airline which defines the standards of australian aviation new. After a lot of preparation, planning and efforts we are very proud to announce, that today the operation of "Australian Sun" is ready for take-off!

First we will start operation with eight Airbus A330-300 out of our main base Sydney. You will find textures for the Project Megapack A330 (for MSFS 2020) in our download area or on flightsim.to. More textures (e.g. for P3D) will follow soon.

At the beginning, we are serving Sydney with the following cities:

So let`s celebrate this important day and have fun with flying our new airline! #AustralianSun

Virtual Annual Meeting 2021

Posted by Florian Brunner on 05/06/2021

Virtual Annual Meeting 2021

Dear flywoh members!

On Saturday, May 8th our Virtual Annual Meeting 2021 takes place.
As experience from last year has shown, that a virtual format is a good solution to have as many participants joining us, we will also continue so this year.

The Virtual Annual Meeting starts at 12:00z. End will be about 1800z. During the Annual Meeting we will have a review of the flywoh year 2020 and we will also plan and decide about our future. There will be several topics to be discussed and to be voted for.

A detailed agenda will be published two weeks before the meeting.

We are looking forward to also meet you virtually at our Virtual Annual Meeting 2021!

To join, just sign up for this event and we will sent you the link for the video conference a few hours before the Virtual Annual Meeting starts: https://flywoh.com/index.php/ccevents/event/37

Austrian Sky Q400 now for MSFS

Posted by Florian Brunner on 04/10/2021

Dear pilots!

Ever dreamt of flying for Austrian Sky in MSFS? Now you can download our Q400 turboprop and take off from Austria to Europe. We strongly recommend a scenic flight from Innsbruck either to Vienna or Frankfurt.

You can download the freeware package from our Download section.

Many happy landings with the Q400!

Aerosoft CRJ paints available

Posted by Florian Brunner on 03/27/2021

We are delighted to announce, that Skyways textures for the Aerosoft CRJ 700 are now available. American Sun textures will follow soon. Just download in our download section and copy into your Community folder. Have fun with flying the Aerosoft CRJ!

Track your flight...

Posted by Florian Brunner on 02/23/2021

It is almost one month since we have released our new website. Within that time we have uploaded some bugfixes and our roadmap is still full with ideas on how to further improve and develop our website and booking system.

In the meanwhile we would like to pause for a moment and have a look on the main features of our new website.

(1) In our view the "flight tracking system" is a big leap forward. Now everybody can follow the detailed flight (and taxi) path of every active flight (just go to CREW OPS -> Flight Tracker). Maybe we can use one of our next group flights to "paint" some nice symbols in the virtual air?

(2)Our Simbrief integration is also a really nice feature. Just book your flight and go on your profile to "briefing". There you can prepare all relevant flight data for Simbrief. With a Simbrief account you can generate the detailed operational flight plan and also download it as PDF and as a flightplan file for various aircrafts. Great!

(3) Have you already checked our new Discord server? Just click on the symbol at the top of our website. There we are talking, posting screenshots and so on. We are looking forward to meet you there!

Do you have any other great features, which we should mention? Just post it in our Forum, on Facebook, Twitter or our Discord server. We are looking forward to hear from you!


Welcome to a new era!

Posted by Florian Brunner on 01/30/2021



Dear pilots, dear friends and visitors of flywoh!

We are really excited to announce, that our new website is now up and running. This special achievement will ensure that we are fit for the future of flight simulation and offer you an unparalleled experience of being part of a vibrant, professional and friendly aviation community!
By offering our new website please consider, that we have changed our main web domain to www.flywoh.com. The new domain will mirror our endeavor to place "flywoh" as an integral part of our brand strategy.

The next days and weeks we will also continue to improve the new website and clear minor findings. Beside that we are really happy to offer you new features, such as a detailed tracker of your flight, a direct interface to Simbrief, an individual Boarding Pass for every flight and a far better performance. We invite you to have a look around and to join our community - like 250+ other pilots already do.

We would also like to thank Vectoring Designs for their great work and cooperation during this very complex project. We are lookig forward to a longterm partnership to further develop our web offer!

Enjoy your stay and always happy landings with flywoh!

Welcome 2021!

Posted by Florian Brunner on 01/03/2021

2020 was a tough and challenging year! Around the globe, many people and industries had to face health and economic threats and the outcome and consequences of that will only be known in the next years.

Therefor we are happy, that we have moved on into 2021 and we are confident, that the world will recover step by step. With the start of 2021 we have also released our American Sun hub in Chicago O`Hare (ORD). 31 aircrafts (CRJ900, B737 and B787) are based in ORD and serve almost every corner of the United States as well as destinations in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Canada and the Caribbean. 

Have fun with flying from ORD to the world and have a happy and healthy new year!




2020 war ein anstrengendes und herausforderndes Jahr! Auf der ganzen Welt sahen sich viele Menschen und Industriezweige gesundheitlichen und wirtschaftlichen Bedrohungen ausgesetzt und das Ergebnis sowie die Konsequenzen werden wir wohl erst in den nächsten Jahren erfahren.

Deshalb sind wir froh, dass wir jetzt im Jahr 2021 sind und wir sind überzeugt, dass sich die Welt schrittweise erholen wird. Zu Beginn des Jahres 2021 haben wir jetzt auch unseren American Sun hub in Chicago O`Hare (ORD) eröffnet. 31 Flugzeuge (CRJ900, B737 und B787) sind in ORD stationiert und bedienen fast jede Ecke der USA sowie Ziele in Europa, Asien, Lateinamerika, Kanada und der Karibik.

VIel Spaß mit den Flügen ab ORD und wir wünschen ein gutes und gesundes neues Jahr!

Season`s greetings from woh

Posted by Florian Brunner on 12/24/2020

2020 has been a truely difficult and challenging year for all of us! So most of us will be happy, that this year finally comes to an end and we all expect, that 2021 will be the start of something better!

We from #flywoh wish you Merry Christmas, recreative holidays and a good start into 2021! 


2020 war wahrlich ein schwieriges und herausforderndes Jahr für uns alle! Deshalb werden die meisten von uns froh sein, dass dieses Jahr endlich zu Ende geht und wir alle warten auf das Jahr 2021, in dem es wieder aufwärts geht.

Die woh|group wünscht Euch Frohe Weihnachten, erholsame Feiertage und einen guten Start ins Jahr 2021!

B787-10 taking off

Posted by Florian Brunner on 12/07/2020


From today on, the B787-10 is flying for American Sun. Five B787-10 are based in Chicago O`Hare and provide services to Frankfurt, London Heathrow, Munich, Zurich and Honolulu. Another five B787-10 are based in Miami and serve Buenes Aires, London Heathrow, Madrid, Santiago de Chile and Sao Paulo. We have also added textures for MSFS2020 to our Download Center. We wish you impressive flights with the B787-10!


Ab heute fliegt die B787-10 für die American Sun. Fünf B787-10 sind in Chicago O`Hare stationiert und werden auf Flügen nach Frankfurt, London Heathrow, München, Zürich und Honolulu eingesetzt. Weitere fünf B787-10 fliegen ab Miami nach Buenes Aires, London Heathrow, Madrid, Santiago de Chile und Sao Paulo. Wir bieten außerdem Texturen für den MSFS2020 in unserem Downloadbereich an. Wir wünschen Euch eindrucksvolle Flüge mit der B787-10!

wOnlineday 2020

Posted by Florian Brunner on 12/05/2020


On every 18th of the month we are inviting you to join our wOnlineday on VATSIM. We meet at 1800z on our Teamspeak 3 Server (just click on the icon on our website to connect). There we will discuss the route, we are flying and you can get in touch with your virtual colleagues.


Every participation will be awarded with 5,000 virtual|miles and our wOnlineday Participation Award. Just add "wOnlineday" in the comment field of the pirep to get awarded.

No matter if you are new to the world of onlineflying or if you are experienced, do not miss out to fly together with us!

You will find more information in our Event section and our Forum!




An jedem 18. des Monats laden wir Euch zu unserem wOnlineday auf VATSIM ein. Wir treffen uns um 1800z auf unserem Teamspeak 3 Server (klicke einfach auf das Symbol auf unserer Website, um Dich zu verbinden). Dort wird die Route besprochen und Du kannst mit Dich mit Deinen virtuellen Kollegen austauschen.

Jede Teilnahme wird mit 5.000 virtual|miles und unserem wOnlineday Participation Award belohnt. Trage dazu einfach im Kommentarfeld des Flugberichts "wOnlineday".


Egal, ob Du neu in der Welt des Onlinefliegens bist oder schon erfahren, lass Dir die Chance nicht entgehen, zusammen mit uns zu fliegen!

Mehr Infos findest Du in unserem Eventbereich und in unserem Forum!

Freeware Q400 for P3D

Posted by Florian Brunner on 12/05/2020


Beside our FS2020 efforts we are also providing further paints for P3D and XPlane. Today, we are delighted to announce, that the Q400 Freeware Package for P3D V4/V5 (and also FSX) is now available in our Download section. Have fun with flying the turboprop for Austrian Sky!




Neben unseren Bemühungen rund um den FS2020, bieten wir natürlich auch weitere Paints für den P3D und XPlane an. Deshalb freuen wir uns, dass ab sofort das Q400 Freeware Paket für den P3D V4/V5 (und auch FSX) zum Download bereit steht. Viel Spaß mit unserem Turboprop, der für die Austrian Sky fliegt!