Summercamp 2022

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Event Title: Summercamp 2022
Begin: 12.08.2022 15:00z


From Friday, August 12th until Sunday, August 14th, our 20th flywoh summercamp takes place.

Like in the past years, our President, Pino, invites us to his house to spend a weekend filled with virtual flying, having fun and a lot of memories in the heart of Germany (near Kassel, EDVK). We would like to invite you to join us on another memorable weekend!

We also use the summercamps to "work" on our projects and to further develop flywoh. We take-off on Friday evening (local time) and touch-down in the early afternoon on Sunday. Of course, you can also join us for only one or half a day. Sleeping facilities are available (we recommend a sleeping bag).
Further information will be found in our Forum. So save the date and we are looking forward to see you in Kassel in August! 

For further planning please join this event if you would like to spend the summercamp with us.


Event Flights

Flights can be booked here by our pilots AFTER having signed up for the event!

No Flights available for booking!

Attending Pilots

WOH1001 Florian Brunner EDDF 15:00
WOH1011 Pino Stehle EDVK 15:00
WOH1021 Ulf Tonne EDDF 15:00