flywoh contest 2023
December 26, 2022

Dear pilots!

As the year 2023 is approaching fast, we are delighted to announce our "flywoh contest 2023".

The contest is pretty easy: The five pilots who will perform most flighthours for flywoh within 2023 are winning.

Prizes will be:

1) 50 EUR flight simulation voucher

2) 30 EUR flight simulation voucher

3) 30 USD voucher from Flightbeam

4) 20 EUR flight simulation voucher

5) Aerosoft Aircraft Searey Elite

Rules: All flighthours for flywoh flights which have been submitted via smartCARS or manually are counting. Contest referees can order to only use smartCARS for further pireps to specific pilots if there are any discrepancies by submitting pireps manually. This is on sole discretion of the referees! The contest referees are Pino (President) and Florian B. (CEO), they are not participating to the contest.

We will provide a table of top 10 pilots for 2023 so that you can see if you are in reach of the top 5.

Thank you to Aerosoft and Flightbeam for sponsoring our contest!

At this point we wish you a happy new year 2023 and much success in our flywoh contest!