Flight Tracker for X-Plane
March 26, 2022

woh|group virtual airlines announces that pilots that fly X-Plane 11 on Apple OSX can now use a flight tracker developed natively for macOS for submitting simulated X-Plane flights to smartCARS based on our virtual airline. The Flight Tracker is called "FlicktTracker for X-Plane" and can be acquired via the Apple Mac OSX APP store. A guide to integrate the connection to our flywoh server will be provided by our pilot Leslie in our Forum and on Discord.

Main features

- Freely configurable
- X-Plane native UDP communication, no additional plugin is required
- Plays passenger announcements during the flight if you assign audio files to the corresponding flight phases

- Supported Messages to SmartCars2
- Sim unpaused, simulation rate: ([0-9]+)X)
- Sim unpaused, groundSpeed rate: ([0-9]+)X)
- (Taking off|Aircraft airborne)
- Aircraft bounced, touched back down at (-?[0-9]+) fpm
- Approaching- Approaching early- Arrived, flight duration: (.+)
- Climbing, pitch: (level|[0-9]+), roll: (level|-?[0-9]+.*?), ([0-9]+) kts
- Cruising altitude changed to ([0-9]+) ft ? Cruising at ([0-9]+)(ft|m), pitch: (-?[0-9]+), ([0-9]+) kts
- Descending
- Descending early, distance: ([0-9]+) nm
- Early final approach, ([0-9]+) kts
- Engine ([0-9+]) is (.+)
- Exceeded ([0-9]+) KIAS below ([0-9,]+) feet MSL
- Final approach, ([0-9]+) kts
- Flaps set to position ([0-9]+)
- Flaps set to position ([0-9]+) at ([0-9]+) (ft|m) at ([0-9]+) kts
- Flying (.+)
- Fuel quantity increased to ([0-9]+) (.+) from ([0-9]+) (.+)
- Gear lever (.+) at ([0-9]+) (.+) at ([0-9]+) (.+)
- Go around conditions met
- Landed in ([0-9]+) (.+), fuel: ([0-9]+) (.+), weight: ([0-9]+) (.+)
- On the ground ([0-9]+) nm from the planned arrival airfield
- Overspeed entered
- Overspeed left after a max speed of (\d+) kts
- Preflight started, flying (on )?(.+)
- Pushing back with ([0-9]+) (lb|kg) of fuel
- Rejected takeoff conditions met, returning to taxiing phase
- Sim paused
- Simulation rate set to ([0-9A-Z,]+)
- GroundSpeed rate set to ([0-9A-Z,]+)
- Speed corrected at ([0-9]+) ft after a max speed of ([0-9]+) kts
- Stall recovered after a minimum speed of ([0-9]+) kts
- Stalling
- Standard approach conditions met
- Standard final approach conditions met
- Taxi time was less than ([0-9]+) seconds
- Taxiing to (runway|gate)
- The flight may now be ended
- Touched down at (-?[0-9]+) fpm, gear lever: (up|down), pitch: (level|-?[0-9]+), roll: (level|-?[0-9]+.*?), ([0-9]+) kts
- Touched down early at (-?[0-9]+) fpm, gear level: (up|down), flaps: ([0-9]+)

Notes from the Author of FlightTracker XP:

This project originated from my hobby of flight simulation. Two things were important for me during the development. Firstly, the communication with XPlane is done with the native UDP interface and therefore no additional plugins are required. Secondly, that the client remains freely configurable by pilots. A subscription is required to use this app. By doing so you support me as a hobby developer and allow me to keep the app up to date and add improvements and new features in the future. During the one-month trial period, for both the monthly and annual subscription, you can try Flight Tracker for X-Plane for free. Later payments will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews at least 24-hours before the end of the current period for the same price. You can disable auto-renew at any time up to 24 hours before the end of the subscription period in your account settings. If you disable auto-renewal, you will still have unlimited use of Flight Tracker for X-Plane until the end of the current payment period. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when the user No relations to TFDi Design.

My client offered here is not related to TFDi Design and has neither the same technical structure nor the same functionality. For compatibility reasons I simply transfer the data in the same way to the virtual airline.