Welcome to a new era!
January 30, 2021



Dear pilots, dear friends and visitors of flywoh!

We are really excited to announce, that our new website is now up and running. This special achievement will ensure that we are fit for the future of flight simulation and offer you an unparalleled experience of being part of a vibrant, professional and friendly aviation community!
By offering our new website please consider, that we have changed our main web domain to www.flywoh.com. The new domain will mirror our endeavor to place "flywoh" as an integral part of our brand strategy.

The next days and weeks we will also continue to improve the new website and clear minor findings. Beside that we are really happy to offer you new features, such as a detailed tracker of your flight, a direct interface to Simbrief, an individual Boarding Pass for every flight and a far better performance. We invite you to have a look around and to join our community - like 250+ other pilots already do.

We would also like to thank Vectoring Designs for their great work and cooperation during this very complex project. We are lookig forward to a longterm partnership to further develop our web offer!

Enjoy your stay and always happy landings with flywoh!